We take our corporate responsibility serious.

Our ethos continues to be to inject passion into our ranges, develop and source in England, deliver on innovation, service and quality and continue to invest and support all our brands.

We manufacture all of our products in our portfolio in England, a fact that we are extremely proud of. We are committed to continuing to support our local supply partners and working with them we source the very best ingredients that the UK has to offer.


We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure that our brands are as environmentally friendly as possible. By manufacturing our products in the UK, we hope that we have made a little impact in reducing the carbon footprint – however small that might be!

Given the growing concern over water supply, we always try to focus on using less water and one of the major product developments was a foaming hand wash designed to use less water whilst providing the same if not better results.

One of the operational processes within production of emulsion products is heat. One way the business has reduced the electricity used, is to invest in a hot water injection process. This has saved energy, cost and time whilst increasing output. In addition we have reformulated certain products with new innovative raw materials in such as way to prevent the need for the hot mix process only cold to save energy.

Our component parts are always focused on recyclable materials, avoiding PVC.

Local suppliers are used where possible to reduce carbon footprint of distribution.

Work closely with recycling companies to ensure safe disposable and reuse of materials where possible.

Regulatory Affairs

HotHouse works with regulatory specialists to ensure that all of our brands and products comply with the relevant government bodies and tested to the required standards.

Social Responsibility

Since the start of the business, there have been a number of initiatives to actively support local charities. One of these has involved providing product and fund raising donations to the local hospice. The products are actually used and enjoyed by the residents as well as offering raffle prizes to help with their own fund raising activities. We have also supported a number of local football teams including under 6’s and under 17’s, providing funds for all the kits.

On an annual basis, the business donates Christmas gifts to the Barnardos (Barnsley) charity to support under privileged children and families that are on low incomes.

Local childrens play groups and 'messy play' events that happen all around the country benefit from the Kids Crazy soap and bath foam that we supply for free for creation stations.